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    Price US$25 | ISBN 0-9679096-0-0
    Library of Congress Card Number 00-101284
    Hardcover, 288 pages

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Book Contents

Based on nearly 100 interviews with Charles Kuralt, his friends, family and colleagues, Remembering Charles Kuralt is the remarkable tale of a North Carolina farm boy who went on to become one of America's most admired television journalists.

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Foreword by Edwin M. Yoder Jr.

Where the road began
Charles Hoyt: Flights of Fantasy
The making of a broadcaster
Buddy Carrier: Baseball Days
Barbara Simmons Hannah: Doubting Charles
Landon Smith: Two Roads Diverged
Brooks Lindsay: News Writer
Ken McClure: The Impressive, Impressionable Kid
Jack Claiborne: Voice Of Democracy
Charles Kuralt: North Carolina English Teacher Essay
C.D. Spangler: Baptism Into Storytelling
Ruth Jones Pentes: School Days

Tar Heel Days
Bill Geer: More A's Than Ever
Fred Powledge: Sleepyhead
Ken Sanford: Sir Charles
Charlie Crutchfield: Projecting Voice
Tom Spain: Frat Brothers

Erwin Potts: Phone Sharing

New York
Walter Cronkite: The Eagle Has Landed
Bernie Birnbaum: Picture Perfect
Andy Rooney: Consummate Craftsman
Philip Scheffler: Unchanging
Izzy Bleckman: Waiting for Roger
Jane Tolbert: On the Road
Bill Moyers: His Own Man
Mary Lou Teel: Wordsmith
Peter Freundlich: Back-to-Back Friendship
Terry Martin: I Remember
Margery Baker: Final Episode

Homeward Bound
Catherine Morton: An Explorer's Spirit
Hugh Morton: The Common Touch
Loonis McGlohon: North Carolina Was His Home
Bob Timberlake: Homespun
Jane Kiser: 'Scuse Me, Ain't You Mr. Kuralt?'
Bill Friday: Final Letter

USA Today Editorial
Forgiving Charles Kuralt

The Book
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Addendum to Book
Nobel Peace Prize
| Remembering | Sir Charles
| A Tribute | CBS Transcripts |
Letters To Ken McClure|
David Brinkley on Charles Kuralt
Kuralt's Remarks At Hugh & Julia Morton's 50th Wedding Anniversary

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Charles Kuralt's People

An intellectually stimulating collection of insightful and occasionally poignant commentaries, Charles Kuralt's People is very highly recommended reading for students of the human condition in general, and legions of Charles Kuralt fans in particular. — Midwest Book Review Click for more info.

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