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Is there a book out there that does tell about both of his lives. I am totally intrigued with it, not disappointed........I wrote to him once and he responded...... Let me know please. I would love to read about all of his life, not just the glorified part. Thank you!
- Thu Dec 30 18:10:35 2004

Yes, there is a book, Charles and Me. You can find it at by clicking here. Ralph Grizzle

Charles Kuralt was a great patriot and humanitarian. Simply put... a beautiful person. One of my own letters to him long ago might be found in that batch of 60,000. Whether it is or not Mr. Kuralt send me a warm personal reply. Regarding the affair, who gives a flying barnyard about a supposed transgression in personal life. One thing that many regular folks don't realize is that it is much easier to be "faithful" when you are a simple non descript person than when you are interesting to others. The only question that matters is whether he was good to his family and given the revelations whether the only really importnant person with regard to the matter, his wife, forgave him. He was my hero plain and simple. Michael (originally from New York now resident in Vietnam)
- Thu Dec 2 23:29:50 2004
Blame it on the Death of Charles Kuralt by Tom Flannery from the 1998 CD SONG ABOUT A TRAIN http://www.kikomusic.com/saat/ Never lived in LA never shot anyone never lived in New York City and still managed to have some fun I work my fields then I hit my knees and pray for the tears of heaven to help me please you never heard of me but itís not my fault blame it on the death of Charles Kuralt My truckís got 100,000 on it and it still runs fine my kidís stay dry and warm and all of Ďem are mine met my wife in high school and I chased her down sheís still the prettiest girl in this here town ainít got nothing to hide but itís not my fault blame it on the death of Charles Kuralt Fireworks paint a picture but some will never see what those city lights ainít doing for me blame it on the death of Charles Kuralt So Iíll take my trip to the general store Old Joe doesnít even ask what I need anymore says he can tell by my walk and the mood Iím in still got my daddyís credit from way back when you never heard of me but itís not my fault blame it on the death of Charles Kuralt
- Tue Oct 26 10:38:11 2004

I think I read in one of Kuralt's books a poem about fly fishing .... given to you by a judge .... if that is the case can you please tell me in what publication I might find that poem?
Charles Sisson<cpsisso@yahoo.com
- Fri Oct 8 0:09:50 2004

Response from Ralph Grizzle: You're referring to Kuralt's interview with John Volker. When asked who was the greatest man he ever met, Kuralt named Volker. I don't know where you would find the entire poem in print, but I was able to find this much (below) using Google. Volker does recite the poem in "The Best of On The Road," which you may be able to find in VHS format.

I FISH . . . because in a world where most men seem to spend their lives doing things they hate, my fishing is at once an endless source of delight and an act of small rebellion. -- John Volker, Retired Michigan Supreme Court Justice

In reference to the affair that Mr. Kuralt had, I can relate to being the other woman to someone of prominence. It was 34 years for me and a daughter, 26. Is there anything written about what happened after his death and how it was found out, that I could read about. Thank you.
Dianne Gilstrap<babydoll22648@aol.com
- Tue Oct 5 12:54:19 2004
So much one of my heroes, still after all these years. Grew up with him - hope his episodes will be compiled onto DVD - his "infedelity" can remind us all that real heroes are human, too, despite what some media pundits would have us believe. That he dared live life as many wish to or preach for is an inspiration. Life is not a sit-com and is full of living color.
- Sun Aug 8 4:20:45 2004

I stopped watching Television at about the time that Charles Kuralt stopped broadcasting. It seemed to me that there was little good left to see. I think, in retrospect, that I was right. I could no more condemn him today for having loved too much, than I could condemn my best friend for the same "sin". Some of us are more lucky than others I guess to choose to see that wonderful part of life. Yes, there is pain to the survivors and I am sure that no one knows that more now than Charles. Penance to pay, I believe. Should wife and others be mortified? Certainly not. They loved and were loved. Remember what was. It was meant. He loved too much.
Jane - sugarz
- Fri Jul 23 23:57:43 2004

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