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ALL HIS LIFE CHARLES KURALT SOUGHT OUT THE POETRY OF EVERYDAY EVENTS, presenting to television viewers nationwide the stories of "the little people." Now, for the first time, his story is being told—from the perspective of those who knew him best.

Based on nearly 100 interviews with Charles Kuralt, his friends, family and colleagues, Remembering Charles Kuralt is the remarkable tale of a North Carolina farm boy who went on to become one of America's most admired television journalists.

As a child, he was already mature and focused, full of ambition. He would grow into an unusually articulate college student, known equally for his intelligence and his fun-loving nature. On his first job, at the Charlotte News, co-workers marveled at his "People" columns, a forerunner of his CBS series "On the Road." At CBS, colleagues still hold in awe Kuralt's understanding of the relationship between words and pictures. This was their Charles Kuralt. These are their memories.

Remembering Charles Kuralt provides an off-screen look at the CBS newsman whose folksy reports from the back roads of America endeared him to millions.

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Charles Kuralt's People

An intellectually stimulating collection of insightful and occasionally poignant commentaries, Charles Kuralt's People is very highly recommended reading for students of the human condition in general, and legions of Charles Kuralt fans in particular. — Midwest Book Review Click for more info.

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