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"This affectionate portrait of his [Charles Kuralt's] life is a delight to read . . . this is a moving book . . . " — Indianapolis Star, October 27, 2001

To sum things up, REMEMBERING CHARLES KURALT is a great book for the reader who wants more than just facts and time lines. The book provides a very in-depth look into the life of Charles Kuralt and his road to success. The interviews within add a very personal touch to the story, making this book not only informative, but enjoyable to read. [Full Review] —Bookreporter

This book should be in every library. [Full Review] —North Carolina Libraries, Fall 2000

Ralph Grizzle's first book, Remembering Charles Kuralt, began as a series of oral histories he conducted with Kuralt's friends, families and colleagues. From nearly 100 interviews, he's composed an enthralling rags-to-riches story that is both timeless and illuminating. [Full Review] —Winston-Salem Journal, August 13, 2000

Commissioned by his alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, to gather and compile an oral history of fellow alum Charles Kuralt, Grizzle produced this sweet, lovely homage to the traveling CBS news correspondent. Having interviewed nearly 100 people for the book—including Kuralt's first girlfriend, his best friend from sixth through 12th grades and colleagues like Walter Cronkite and Andy Rooney—Grizzle is quick to point out that this is not a biography but a chronologically arranged collection of verbal reminiscences, keen glimpses into the life of a remarkably optimistic man. A newsman himself, Grizzle does not dissect and analyze every sticky detail of Kuralt's life and career, but honors and celebrates a journalist who represents, for him, the best in the business. All of the people he talked to report of their high regard for Kuralt's maturity, seriousness and gift with words. Even as a boy, Kuralt had a resonant voice, considered himself a reporter, and dreamed of heading up the New York Times. Grizzle devotes a chapter to each person with whom he spoke and links every anecdote with an insight from Kuralt's collection of personal letters and articles, A Life on the Road. For fans of On the Road who still admire—and miss—Kuralt's faith in humanity and the simple pleasures he enjoyed and shared, this is a welcome commemoration.—Publishers Weekly, June 12, 2000

In this just-released biography, Grizzle fondly writes about Charles Kuralt with a reverence usually reserved for heroic soldiers, intrepid firefighters and other national treasures. Kuralt's life is told through interviews, letters and excerpts from his autobiographies. Commissioned by the University of North Carolina to record a series of oral histories with Kuralt's friends, family and colleagues, Grizzle has a wealth of details on the newsman's childhood, college years and ascent to TV journalism fame. Throughout, people remember a man with a voice that communicated the honesty, integrity and trust of the American people. Andy Rooney describes Kuralt's talent for developing news bits into tangible stories as a gift equal to Emerson's or Thoreau's. An editor himself, Grizzle writes in a clear journalistic style, getting out of the way of the story and neatly tying the pieces together. Several excerpts from Kuralt's personal letters and professional writings are included, all demonstrating that inimitable folksy poetic style. In an essay on Christmas that Kuralt wrote when he was 15, for example, the future people's diarist is already astonishingly evident. A couple dozen black-and-white photographs also enrich the text. Much more than a tribute piece, Grizzle's book is a celebration of a talented man's life and career. Readers will be vividly reminded what they gained--and lost--in Charles Kuralt.—Today's Librarian, July 2000

In this excellent book, author Ralph Grizzle gamely traces Kuralt's path from childhood in rural Onslow County and Charlotte to his days at UNC-Chapel Hill, from his early time with CBS News in New York to his years of crisscrossing the nation, and back to New York for his tethered Sunday Morning period.—Independent (Raleigh, NC) June

So it goes that oftentimes people get remembered for the last thing they did, rather than the best thing they did. Ralph Grizzle's recently released Remembering Charles Kuralt remembers the best things . . . Remembering Charles Kuralt is a treat.Telling the Tales on the Storyteller By Beth Snead, Independent Tribune

Thank heavens, this even-handed book is not a tattletale psychological examination of the man's human weaknesses, something that might have tempted many a writer . . . But this book isn't a basic dull biography. Rather it is a well-researched documentary . . . Susan Farrington, Sanford Herald

An affirming book.Our State By Betty Work

Modifed excerpt from Blue Ridge Country

Remembering Charles Kuralt will strike happy chords in your heart.—Hendersonville Times News
Biography Reveals Kuralt's Genius, Flaws—Asheville Citizen-Times
The Road's End By David Brown, Carolina Alumni Review

Ralph Grizzle's well-researched and well-crafted prose brings back the warm memories we have about the wonderful American roadtrips Charles Kuralt took us on. Remembering Charles Kuralt provides ample glimpses of the man behind the public persona whose voice, face and stories we'll never forget.—Roadtrip America

This is a totally pleasurable reading experience.—Alan Caruba, Editor Bookviews.Com

"Excellent."—WBT-TV (Charlotte)

"A collector's item."—Bill Friday, North Carolina People (pictured below)

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UNC Alumnus Honors Kuralt's Legacy,Daily Tar Heel, March 22, 2000

USA Today Editorial
Forgiving Charles Kuralt

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An intellectually stimulating collection of insightful and occasionally poignant commentaries, Charles Kuralt's People is very highly recommended reading for students of the human condition in general, and legions of Charles Kuralt fans in particular. — Midwest Book Review Click for more info.

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